Tuesday 28 June 2022

Calligraphy & Typography

7 years ago, I started my calligraphy journey. After few months, I came across the word 'Typography' and my curiosity to know about it increased. Actually I was more curious to know how it is related to calligraphy or how much difference these two terms actually have. I think most of us have the same question. So I started with this blog.

Both typography and calligraphy are based on nicely designed letters. These both terms in English comes with Greek roots as follows:

Calligraphy : Kallos(beautiful) & graphe(writing)

Typography : typos(impression) & graphia(writing)

There is slight differences between typography and calligraphy. To understand , you should know the definitions of each term; you should know what they are used for and how they are created.

Calligraphy is a style of writing, and typography is the technique of using predesigned letters in graphic design.

In simple way to put it is that, Typography is computer generated and is based on preset typefaces, whereas calligraphy involves manual handwriting. 

In pre digital era, different techniques likes woodblock printing, metal font molds were used for typography. Calligraphy involves use of inks and calligraphy tools to create expressions on paper.

As calligraphy is a gestural art, it incorporates more variation in form than typographic writing which is made mechanically and often within narrow technical constraints.

Typographers have to consider an endless array of different letter combinations and design the type accordingly to ensure that no matter the layout, the individual alphabet characters will meld together beautifully when stung together to create words or phases.

Graphic designers usually work with typography simply because they have to involve fonts and typefaces to transmit a message.

Calligraphers rarely illustrate the whole alphabet from A to Z. They illustrate messages or put together words with the individual letters, eventually editing the final result digitally. 

One difference which I observed is if 2 person having access to same typeface, font or mold can create similar impressions. On other hand, 2 people having same tools and techniques can't create exactly same expressions on paper. calligraphy is more on an individual piece of art.

But all letters and characters - handwritten or typographic in form - have been designed by someone, and are a means of artistic expression.


- Rupali Thombare 

Sunday 26 June 2022

Legibility & Readability

Great typography happens when you arrange text or copy on a page and make it both legible and readable. Although, 'Legibility' and 'Readability' both relate to the ease and clarity with which you read any particular setting of type, but they actually refer to two different concepts. To explore this difference, it is important to understand that legibility is a component of readability. 

Legibility is the measure of how distinguishable individual character to the eye of reader; whereas readability is the measure of how easy it is to read the text overall.

Legibility is related to the design of the typeface and the shape of the glyphs, while readability refers to how the font is arranged, or typeset. Both are important when setting text.

"Legibility" is based on the ease with which one letter can be told from the other. 

"Readability" is the ease with which the eye can absorb the message and move along the line. 

- J. Ben Liberman "Types of Typeface"(1968)  

Harnessing readability and legibility on the web will help you create content that offers a better user experience for your leads and customers.

Readability is a responsibility shared by both copywriter or content writer and the designer. While creating legible text typically lies solely on the designer and developer in digital material.


Legibility refers to how a typeface is designed and how well one individual character can be distinguished from one another. 

Its also important to keep in mind that different typefaces were designed for different uses.

The legibility of a typeface is a product of its design and relates to the ability to distinguish one glyph from another when reading.

Factors contributing to the typeface's legibility are as follows: 

  • x-height
  • Character width
  • Weight
  • Design traits
  • Stroke contrast
  • Counters
  • Serifs or lack thereof

In addition, many professionals believe that what you read most, you read best. Therefore, in the U.S., where running text in books, magazines, and newspapers is typically typeset using serif text fonts, readers are most comfortable and familiar with them and therefore find them more legible. By contrast, sans serif fonts may appear more legible to audiences in countries where they are more commonly used.

Keep in mind that not all typefaces are designed to be legible. This is more of a consideration for text designs, where the degree of legibility relates directly to holding the reader’s attention for the length of the copy. Display designs are generally used for fewer words in larger sizes, where the objective is to attract a reader’s eye and to convey a mood, feeling, or message. In this case, legibility might not be of primary consideration.


Readability creates better reading experiences.

Readability is about the reader - the ease with which a reader can successfully decipher, process and make meaning of the text read. 

It is about arranging words or group of words in a way that allows the readers eye to access the content easily and in a way that make sense. Its really an art form that is honed over time as successful combinations are found.

Readability is how the type is arranged(or typeset) and therefore is controlled by the designer.

Factors affecting type's readability are as follows:

  • Type size
  • Type case
  • Line spacing(or leading)
  • Tracking
  • Kerning
  • Alignment
  • Line length(or column width)
  • Color or contrast

Since these readability factors are chosen by the designer, not inherent to the text, even very legible fonts may lack readability when set in certain ways. In addition, not all factors affecting readability are equally significant.  For example, although generally speaking, smaller type size is harder to read, you may be able to improve a font’s readability by setting it slightly smaller, but with wider line spacing.

So, for a successful business both legibility and readability are equally important. If the legibility of your fonts are crystal clear; but content presentation quality is poor - your customer won't read it. Similarly, if the readability of your copy is compelling and on point; but lost in physically difficult to read typography - your customers can't read it. If readers find it an effort to read and navigate your text, your business can wind up lost for words.


- Rupali Thombare

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Typeface vs. Font

For most people these days, the terms 'Font' and Typeface' are often used interchangeably.- Dave Sedgwick

Typeface vs. Font is a debate. When talking about typography, the terms Typeface and Font tend to get mixed up and used almost as if they are synonymous. Often, the two words are used interchangeable and is doesn't present as a problem. However, when analyzing the two on technical level, you will find that these terms have, in fact, distinct definitions. But, at the end of the day, one has to wonder if the distinction really matters today.

The main difference between 'typeface' and ' font' is that the former exists as part of the latter. 

A typeface(or type family) is the name of a specific collection of related fonts. Whereas, font refers to a particular weight, width, and style within that typeface.

We chose a typeface because of its common aesthetic qualities. Then we refine it down to a specific font by setting its properties such as weight, widths and etc.

For example 'Helvetica' would be the typeface chosen for a project, but the actual font in use might be Helvetica Regular 9 point.

The word 'font' is becoming more common over the years. The reason we focus on fonts today is largely as a result of desktop publishing and word processing applications, which have a 'Font' menu. When you click on it, you get a list of typefaces to hose from and from there you set the specifics of the font.

Currently, the distinction between these two terms is confusing, unnecessary and even a little bit old fashioned. However, it's important to mention that, in specific contexts, it can be critical. Knowing difference can play a significant role not just in the area of Type Design, but also in Product Design, product Engineering and even Web Design.

If you want to express yourself precisely it is important to distinguish between the two terms - Brini Fetz

It can help you to get specific when talking about a change in a particular font, without affecting the whole environment and display.

Reference : 


- Rupali Thombare

What is Typography?

When I started learning about calligraphy, I came across the term  'Typography'.

And I started searching more about it through Internet and books.
The word " Typography" in English comes from the Greek roots typos(impression) and graphia (writing).

Typography is the art  and technique of arranging letters and text in a way that makes the copy(written language) legible, clear, readable and visually appealing to the reader.

Typography expresses hierarchy and brand presence.

Typography also may be used as an ornamental and decorative device, unrelated to the communication of information.
Typography the reader can comprehend and understand , is based on certain fundamental principles. This title discusses the typographic elements, the micro aesthetic qualities of letters, numbers and punctuation marks, lines and geometric elements and their diverse applications.

Type is all around us, in everything we read, from product packaging in the grocery store to television commercials, from greeting cards, books and magazines to movie credits and storefront signs. Type and printed matter communicate not only information to us but also influence decisions we make on a daily basis. Whether  we realize it or not, type and the way it appears affects which CD or book cover catches our eye, which detergent might make the whites whiter, and which movie might be the scariest or most romantic. Much of this process process goes on unconsciously, which is why the art and craft of typography is so invisible to the average person. But its unseen nature by no means diminishes the importance and influence type has on the quality and substance of our daily lives.
Typography is the work of typesetters(compositors), typographers, graphic designers, art directors, manga artists, comic book artists, and now, anyone who arranges words, letters, numbers and symbols for publication, display or distribution from clerical workers and newsletter writers to anyone self-publishing materials. 

Until Digital age, typography was a specialized occupation. Digitization opened up typography to new generations of previously unrelated designers and lay users.

- Rupali Thombare

Friday 12 April 2019

Dot to Dot

"The circumference of the circle cannot be drawn without getting a center"
This line of Marathi textbooks, while in school, is still deeply engraved in memory. Introspect yourself  and you will automatically experience the entire universe in God. This thought transforms the full ambit of that pattern deeply on the backdrop of our mind with proper use of both the centre and the circle. Every creation of this universe is originated from one point. The point may be the microscopic origin of the fetus, or the gigantic sun. And from the beginning of that creativity, starts a journey  called life.

Whatever I did not see or seen in the journey, I got to experience it in this shape 'DOT' and that is why  I came to conclusion that 'DOT' only is able to present all my observations and experiences. From onwards the journey from one 'DOT' to millions of 'DOTs' started.

DOT is one entity, it can be so visible to the eyes as little as possible or it can be so vast and limitless beyond imagination of our intellect. And one of the form of these dots is a circle ...a shape bounded and disciplined by the radius, a series of countless dots, dividing two worlds completely and still able to reach its center. This seamless shape without any angle has come in every way of life from childhood to its different manifestations and every time the curiosity of it has increased, its experience in different forms has been coming from time to time while working in my art

And every time the curiosity about it grew ever again. While working, the experience of it in different forms was useful from time to time as a supplementary to my art. I used to feel overwhelmed by the galaxies in the sky found in persons around and today the same came down on the canvas by me. My only means of presenting happiness, sorrow, experience, moments all on paper are DOTs... black, white , transparent, opaque, colorful, small, large, hollow, rigid..... of all kinds.

They get poured with the flow of ink giving  visual forms and shapes to the ideas in my mind. I saw the ball, marbles in the hands of my son and unaware entered into the world of childhood . In childhood, the first and the dearest plaything for a long time later on to fall in the hands of a child is the ball. From then on, it has been a strong attachment with the round shape and has become more intensified by regular touch. After that in a school, when it started with a line, I liked the circular twirling lines by pencil over simple ones.  After a short spell, I was introduced to Zero and today Zero has become the important part of  life. I understood the power of Zero to slash or boost the price of anybody, and from thereon it changed my view towards Zero. I strongly thought that creation of the universe can be from Zero only. In the eyeballs, geo-planets-satellites, science-atomic molecules, wheel of history, all have found new patterns of this shape.

Of all the graphical figures in geometry, the circle came as a part of the masterpiece. It has been observed that how beautiful compositions are made from the right use of points, circles and rounds. Today the same compositions have come to my life in the form of drawings.
I felt predominantly how a dotted spot filled with paint can be so beautiful , and a different place of the 'DOT' is created in mind.

After successfully completing many such cycles of new classes, new study and finally examinations in school life, life has jumped into a new arena.

The ring of the job is like a wheel gyrating without ever stopping anywhere. As the job is in the oil industry, my favourite DOT came in life in the form of oil drop. While  planning the oil wells, I realized that the size of the well, its starting and goal, its design, and its units of  measurement, started to blend in with the figures in mind. In the software, when the vast majority of oil fields like 'Bombay High' are viewed from very high altitude, the view matched perfectly with the stars in the sky. A different structure of each constellation, a different extension. It was stored in mind for so many years.

All the groups of stars of the heavens and the earth started constructing constellations of thoughts and emotions in the space of mind. Thought got a new direction. New ideas emerged. These thoughts and ideas got associated with pencil and colour. Thoughts and ideas intermingled through each other in all the directions began to flush and the formation of arrays of stars started to form on paper. Such designs of constellations are an important part of my pictures.

These ideas in the form of dots spread on black paper with the help of ear buds, straws and empty bottle lids. In fact, it is wrong to say black paper in respect of my pictures. Because although the backgrounds of these pictures are still in black, black paper has not been used. On the contrary, this nature colour is formed by giving more than 15 light layers of ink in different colours, mixed with water on white paper. It was filled and spread with positivity, different stages of mind, various thoughts and a picture was completed by showing different ideas.
As soon as the treasure in mind started emptying on canvas, all the senses were eager to get alerted to absorb the experiences in the surrounding world.

It is worth mentioning here an experience once I had. Often the kitchen utensils, cups, glasses are all out in the hall if there is a child in the house. Once in the similar situation, the arrangement of these utensils attracted my attention. The beautiful design made by those glazed circles of lesser or greater diameter became a subject in my mind. When I saw the Braille script which brought knowledge in the life of those who lost their eyesight,  the wheels of thought were stuck in the eyeballs. While passing through the lifecycle,  overcoming the calamities coming across in a positive way, the bond of relationships and many such things gave the experiences to expand the ideas and the picture started being painted on that paper.

It is presented in such a way that the viewer will be able to see many different stories in his mind. Just like a picture of mine that might see a growing festival of moon's crescents, but the idea behind it is not only to make the moon in a different look but in every form the moon is a special stage of life.
The full moon night's moon is full and its beauty is wonderful. But the travel of lunar crescent which is to reach that position, should also be considered as beautiful. The meaning here is that if someone is not having  everything or some things are incomplete today, then also life is never meaningless. That incompleteness also has the urge to show something in the form of emotions, which has also the excitement that makes the occasion beautiful in life.

 Once overcoming the difficulties with continuing efforts and finding the ways to reaching happiness is instilled in blood, the same person reaches the increasing perfection like the lunar calendar. It should be true that every moment of life is really beautiful and giving something. For that one's self belief should be strong. In this way, when the rings came together to present invisible experiences with visual experiences, whatever I experienced was total spiritual satisfaction.

The mind, the complexity and hollowness in mind, the feeling of belonging, the emotion attached to relationships, the struggle in life, the moment of joy emerging from it is realized, but to present them to the world ... a thought, a revolving circle around, positive and negative thoughts and their effect. It is really difficult to convert all these into picture but making repeated changes in the impossible things definitely brings about the change and it makes impossible possible.

The journey of moments that started from the point of 'I' is the life in which everyone goes from immaturity to maturity. The colour fountain is spotted when the apparently colourless dot is broken with perpetual attempts.
 Now the DOT ... the CIRCLE... the SPHERE gets a new life. A new meaning is created.
And my paintings and pictures are the visual form of such invisible feelings....and such an impossible colourless DOTS which have reached the highest pinnacle.... drenched in colour and soaked in joy, a spherical ball ... DOT to DOT.

Everyday there is a show of hundreds of crores of stars in the Nehru Planetarium at Worli in Mumbai. Now apart from that, another extraordinary show of stars is there between April 16 to April 22, in the Nehru Art Gallery, which is located not far away from Nehru Planetarium . But in the galaxy of these Dots, the eye soothing Constellations of Dots are creations with my imagination and positive thoughts, whose real realization is of course a beautiful journey from ZERO to FULL MOON.

- Rupali Thombare

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Callifest...festival of scripts

Callifest….is a festival of calligraphy….Yes festival…. Festival of beautiful Indian Scripts….the way we have variety’s of languages, cultures similar we have variety’s of scripts, Which is the speciality of  our India and to get the amazing culture of India’s script under one roof  we the team of  ‘Achyut Palav School of calligraphy’s have arrange this festival at ‘Urban Haat, CBD Belapur’ starting from ‘5th December to 10th December 2018.’  The idea of getting this whole India scripts under one roof so that the scripts lovers will find the taste and feel of scripts…… Wow!! It is not that amazing… wondering if it is only for the art lover no…. it is also for the one who want to learn and explore themselves.

Let us join and enjoy the Festival…it is the roof where you are free to asked, learn and get more knowledge on Calligraphy…

Come let me give you a glimpse of the Callifest….as mentioned it is a colourful art festival of scripts, which highlighted by our very own APSC Students, Who will also welcome you with vibration of their art of Calligraphy…. In fact you will be amaze to see the assorted and numerous way our student have use these scripts which can be use in our daily arts, as you are aware now a day we use Hindi scripts in our printing of dress etc… but can you imagine other language scripts and there usage…..just feel the vibe …. Of the letter fill in colours and the ambiance of fresh greener around pulling, you….and making you feel like a kid to see the letters dance all around in the garden of greener, falling from tree coming out from grounds, feel as if they will come to talk to us… and ask us where have you been for so many year? As u just played with me when u were kid come let, us play.

Moreover, this feel of excitement will increase as you move in and around the ambiance, with each chamber will display each state of Indian script…. Let us know our scripts and get the knowledge of other script too… as a child you might have learnt cursive writing but here you will find difference type of  letters along with the strokes, lines, curvatures, colours and combination.

In this era of gadget, let us give yourself and our children a space of self-idea, creativeness, and thoughts to feel that we can do and create things of our own…. Furthermore, there are students and teacher from famous art collages who will be working, displaying their work. Everyone visiting here will get to interact with artists, ask questions and gain more knowledge about this beautiful form of art- calligraphy. 

One big attraction for this Festival is the workshops held by famous calligraphers and that too free of cost as we the team of ‘Achyut Palav School of calligraphy’s believe in one thing “Sharing and give knowledge gives more idea and growth to our creativity” To get advantage from these workshops one only need to spend some time. They will be very useful for future as well as in developing as an artist. 

In addition, to mood up your senses we will be having a stage show with Music & Art  with the beauty of set sun, which will light up your soul and leave the impression of positive energy within yourself that you are the once who can do anything and everything in the world of Art.

-Rupali Thombare.